We're a little long in the tooth.
RKM Design has been doing business for more than twenty-seven years, servicing clients such as Chase Bank, PNC Bank, JBL, NYC Housing Authority, ADP Investor Relations, Merrill Lynch, Cushman and Wakefield and ChaseMellon.
Using a consultative approach, RKM has quickly and efficiently designed a full range of projects, including digital printing, Internet, multimedia presentations, point-of-purchase displays, tradeshow booths, package design, and annual reports. For your company to have the impact you want, you must be able to effectively communicate in this ever-confusing world of evolving technologies. A world that, after twenty seven years, we have become comfortable enough in that we can say, unequivocally: we can help! Call RKM today to learn more about how we can successfully develop your projects and grow your business.
RKM Design is a full-service integrated design, technology and production company, specializing in developing corporate identity through print process, Web media and interactive presentations.
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